D3CPF Purpose

  D3 Cerebral Palsy Foundation is a Corporation organized primarily for the purposes of receiving and administering funds for educational and charitable purposes. To receive and administer funds for Cerebral Palsy research and help sponsor Children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Past...His Story

D3CPF MISSION is to bring awareness of Cerebral Palsy.

D3CPF MISSION is to be a Network of resources to the Community that children with disabilities live life despite their respective Handicap.

D3CPF MISSION is to receive administered funds for Cerebral Palsy research and help sponsor Children diagnosed with Cerebral

The PAST...His Story

Date of Birth: October 12, 2003
Weight:          8lb 6oz 22in
Time:             7:10AM
Where:          The University of Michigan Health System
NICU:             Mott Children's Hospital
                      Holden Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


    Donald Calvin Poole, III was born to Donald and Aafrika Poole, Jr. at 41- week gestational age. According to physicians, the pregnancy was reported to be uncomplicated.  There was a spontaneous rupture of membranes on October 11, 2003, at 13:40pm. At 18 hours prior to delivery, the fluid was reported to be meconium stained.  Maternal fever developed during labor.  Vaginal delivery was vacuum assisted. A tight nuchal cord was cut prior to delivery.  There was shoulder dystocia.  The baby was apneic, floppy, and without audible heart tones.  Trachea was suctioned for meconium.  The resuscitation included intubation, positive pressure ventilation, epinephrine, chest compression, central line placement, volume boluses, and THAM sodium bicarbonate.  The Apgar scores were 0 at 1 minute, 0 at 5 minutes, and 4 at 10 minutes. The 10-minute Apgar included a +2 for heart rate, +1 for respirations, and +1 for color.  Donald required mechanical ventilation for the first 3 days of life.  His initial blood gas had a pH of 6.7, pO2 of 128, pCO2 of 62, and a bicarbonate of 15.  Donald developed perinatal seizure activity.  An MRI performed on day 5 of life revealed mild abnormality of the basal ganglia regions bilaterally.  
    Marked a "MIRACLE" at birth, Donald was born with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.  Today, he is diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy (CP) with left hemiparetic cerebral palsy.  Based on Donald’s assessment he has tucnal hypotonia, and increased tone in the lower extremities consistent with spastic diplegia.  Developmental delay is significant in his medical diagnosis.  He is delayed in all areas most noted in the areas of speech and language.  Donald is recommended to receive ongoing physical, occupational, and speech therapies.  At the time, transition was devastating for The Poole Family.  
     Donald’s medical diagnosis of CP has been a journey.  Despite all odds, Donald is a delightful boy who continues to make great gains each and every day.  His best functioning area is social. He's a happy little boy who enjoys riding a horse , bike riding, school, loves swimming, T-ball, Cookies & Cream ice cream, and "sweet potato yams!"
     We are proud of the person he is today and long to see the young man he will become in Society.  He had a tremendous past that brought about the novel idea of sharing his journey with others. Hence, the inception of D3 Cerebral Palsy Foundation
was born.
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